10 things every man should know about women’s private bits—and why it matters

What women wantBoys, if you want to really satisfy your woman in the bedroom, then you should know her body. We’ve scoured the internet and found 10 things every heterosexual man should know about their lady’s anatomy.

1. You won’t stretch her vagina out of shape

Yes, really. Even if you’re well-endowed your partner will be able to accommodate you. The vagina is incredibly elastic and after sex, it will return to its original shape.

2. If she’s dry, it won’t be good for her

Fellas, take your time. Get your lady aroused before penetration. For us girls, sexual intercourse doesn’t immediately lead to pleasure—we need a little lubrication and the moves before are essential to our pleasure.

3. Every vagina looks different

Just like any other body part, our privates vary from woman to woman. The shape, smell and colour are all different. Don’t expect us to all look like porn stars. Each lady is unique.

4. Reaching orgasm takes time

Don’t be in such a hurry. We need more than just penetration to reach climax. Lick, tickle and caress us all over. The outcome will be worth the effort.

5. Our cycle affects our bra size

Just before our period, our breasts can get larger. But be careful, they also become tender so be gentle at that time of the month.

6. Our smell changes

There are a whole host of reasons that can affect the smell of our privates. Sweat, menstrual cycle, soaps, infection and even sex—anything that changes the pH balance in the vagina will alter the smell.

7. Female ejaculation

Researchers believe every woman is capable of ejaculation if “their partner knows what they are doing”. So next time it happens to you, don’t be concerned—take it as a compliment!

8. Women take longer to arouse

You should already know that women need more than a kiss on the cheek to get aroused. Put in a little effort, spend a bit of time pleasing your lady and she’ll thank you for it. We recommend trying out one of our hampers. We’ve hand-selected items that will get both of you in the mood, so what are you waiting for?

9. The pleasure zone

The clitoris is the only part of the human body that is designed solely for pleasure and no other purpose. Sorry gents, we trump you on this front.  Although women might get older, the clitoris never ages. Once it matures, it’s ready to get to work and seek pleasure whenever she is ready.

10. Super sensitive skin

A woman’s skin is twice as sensitive as a man’s. So while we may take longer to arouse, it’s not hard to do. Run your hands over your lady’s body, use a feather tickler or try giving her a sensual massage.

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