10 ways to keep busy during self-isolation when you’re bored with Netflix


The thrill of endless hours of Netflix because you’re stuck at home in self-isolation is extremely titillating for the first couple of days. Cabin fever doesn’t take long to set in. So we’ve compiled a list of things you can do during self-isolation when the joy of binge-watching has passed its use-by date.

Chocolate Body Painting
We know you’re technically not supposed to lick surfaces during coronavirus, but does every chocolate nook and cranny of your partner count? In our For(e) play gift hamper you’ll find heavenly chocolate fudge that you can paint on using your fingers.

Play board games
Forget Monopoly, you can count on Monogamy, the passionate game for couples to get your motor purring. It’s full of innovative dares that will drive you to the point of distraction, you probably won’t even get to the finish line.

Would you ever?
Everything else might be closed, but bottle shops are still classed as essential. (Thank you Scott Morrison). Pop down to the Bottle-O remembering to social distance and stock up. Then when your back home take turns to ask each other kinky questions like “Would you ever…(insert something sexual you’d like to try)!” You may uncover some unspoken fantasies.

Make an advent calendar
On a big piece of paper write down all the days you’re planning to be in self-isolation. Under each of the days write a sexual fantasy, a different sex toy, or a new position to try out.

Turn the spare bedroom into Christian Grey’s red room of pain
If you’re experimenting with BDSM, make sure you set clear guidelines, have a safety word like ‘hampers4two’ and start out slowly. Maybe our ‘More than 50 shades’ gift hamper with satin sashes to introduce you to bondage, a blindfold and feather tickler.

Teach yourself Tantric sex
It's a slow form of sex that's said to increase intimacy and create a mind-body connection that can lead to mindblowing orgasms. It consists of slow lingering touches and gentle caresses so you can make love for hours. After all, you've got nothing but time!

Try out new sex toys
Venture on to the wild side and explore some kinky sex toys you might never dare to try until now. If your partner has never experienced sex with a cock ring, our Rondevous 4 Two gift hamper has a fluttering enhancer (fancy for vibrating cock ring) for extra stimulation during intercourse.


Work your way through the Karma Sutra
Tick off every sexual position in the Karma Sutra until you’ve done them all. There’s 245 so if you’re locked down for longer than 14 days, that’s plenty of positions to keep your busy!

Retail therapy
Shop up a storm online purchasing raunchy gifts for each other. From sexy lingerie to couples hampers available on our website, you can easily spend a couple of hours exploring the best items to purchase. Don’t tell your partner what you’ve purchased so it comes as a real surprise.

Sexy Burlesque dancing
Teach yourself a burlesque dance routine using youtube videos and grab our Masquerade gift hamper that comes with a feather boa, fishnet gloves and a few other goodies to drive your partner wild.

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