2020: The year of flying solo! What you need to know about solo sex


Forget the year of the rat, we’re renaming 2020 the year of solo sex. Being socially distanced from our fuck buddies and Tinder/Grindr swipes, thanks to COVID-19, solo sex is the safest sex you can have.

Living the isolife #canwerestart2020
If you’re living the isolife with your partner and not swinging from the chandeliers and christening each room in the house, you can still indulge in going solo too. And believe us it doesn’t have to be boring. Thanks to technology, vibrators have diversified beyond the rabbit vibrator made famous thanks to an episode from Sex And The City.

Australian state border closures
If your partner is across a state border and can’t get to you… you can a) send them a hamper4two just to remember you, and invest in a vibrator to keep your sanity on those nights/afternoons or even morning when you’re chomping at the bit.

Variety in vibrators is the spice of life
If a beginner and a bullet vibrator doesn’t have you shaking and groaning your way to orgasm, there's wand vibrators, ones designed to target your g-spot, and even vibrating butt plugs.

Most of our sexy hampers come with a luxurious bullet vibe. It’s simple, easy to operate, and gets the job done fast and efficiently. But if you want to upgrade to a bigger, dual simulator, ribbed or studded, then check out our partner Lelo, a luxury name in adult sex toys.


Who knew panic buying vibrators would be a thing?
Vibrator sales are going through the roof. Log on to any adult website and you’ll discover stocks are fairly low at the moment, with everyone being stuck at home they’ve also panic bought vibrators. Bullets are cheap and for the cost of a vibrator with all the bells and whistles, you can get an amazing hamper full of sensual goodies.

Vibrators are now also touted as a way to enhance your sexual health and wellbeing.
Are vibrators a cure-all? We believe it’s a firm yes!
Will they become the elixir to every health ailment? Possibly not but they sure as hell help with a lot of different health problems. Can’t sleep? A vibrator may help with insomnia. An explosive orgasm before bed will see you feeling more relaxed. When you come, your body’s cortisol levels (stress levels) decrease and your body releases a hormone called prolactin which can help you get a better night’s rest.
Great for your twilight years and Grey Nomads too!
Menopausal (or perimenopausal women for that matter) may experience vaginal dryness which may be characterised by stinging, burning, chafing, and can be mistaken for having an STI. It’s not always caused by whacky hormones, it can happen if you’re on the pill, taking certain medications, or simply not drinking enough water.  Studies on women who used a vibrator regularly for three months were found to produce more lubrication. Be sure to invest in a good lube to begin with until your vagina starts to make its own. Oh, they’re also fab if you suffer from PMS! A good orgasm will put you in a great mood, plus may help with all the other symptoms - cramps, being erratically emotional and banging headaches.

Hello orgasm, my friend.

They can also help you achieve orgasm if you’re self-conscious in front of your partner or he/she just doesn’t get it right. Too fast, too slow, you’re in control and know what you’re enjoying!

Vibing yourself to death is not recommended, because too much on level 10 can make you a desensitised, but regular orgasms and solo sex can boost yourself self-confidence and feeling super sexy (even if you are at home alone!).

Is there a solo sex hamper? Yes, there is!
Solo sex can be enhanced with our Flying solo gift hamper. A gift to yourself. Take a nice facial, super relaxing, and pamper yourself. Get some quality alone time with your Levere Bullet and then when you’re feeling super sleepy (or like you’ve been riding a horse-riding for a week because you can barely walk) use the blindfold as a sleep mask for a restful night's sleep.

So what are you waiting for, order now to make sure you get your favourite hamper ASAP.

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