4 Fantastic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentines Day Date Ideas

We’re hopeless romantics at Hampers 4 Two and, as it’s mid-January, we’re eagerly anticipating Valentine’s Day! But the day for lovers can bring some pressure with it as you try to organise the perfect date for you and your partner—so we’ve got some ideas to help you arrange a truly blissful evening.

A date down memory lane

Nothing brings you closer than shared memories. Take it one step further this Valentine’s Day with a blast from the past. Book a table at a restaurant you went to on your first date, order the same meal and do what you did afterwards. If your first date wasn’t at a restaurant—or it was so long ago the restaurant is no longer there—try and recreate the experience another way. 

Do something physical

Physical activity gets the heart racing and blood flowing. Go hiking or bike riding. Take a bottle of wine and a blanket with you for when you reach your destination. Then talk—and listen—to each other. Not about work or the kids, talk about your thoughts, feelings and aspirations like you used to. Doing something physical and out of the ordinary can lift your relationship and doing something new together promotes intimacy.

Say it with flowers

This year, instead of buying a bunch of flowers, buy petals (or buy flowers and use the petals). Leave a trail from the front door to your bedroom. Leave a gift, card or note on the bed with a promise of things to come. It’ll feel like a romantic treasure hunt!

Splurge on a hotel room

If romance at home is difficult to arrange, and you feel the urge to splurge, book a hotel room for the night. You can pretend to be tourists on a love journey. To make it special grab one of our hampers filled with everything you need for a romantic night for two.

Whatever you do make sure your date facilitates sex and intimacy. Some dates, like heavy restaurant meals, leave you feeling bloated, sleepy and not in the mood. Aim for something that will leave you feeling relaxed, in love and amorous!



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