6 sizzling winter date ideas

Couple on winter date with balloons

The best way to keep your relationship strong and the passion alive is by spending quality time alone with your partner. But it’s not always easy to come up with fresh ideas for your date, what with work and kids and everything else you have going on in your lives. So, at Hampers 4 Two, we’ve come up with 6 fun, simple and inexpensive winter date ideas for you to try.

1. Have a BBQ date

This is Australia after all and we love a good barbie! But think romance—ditch the gas barbecue and build a fire. Find a picnic spot or national park where they allow open fires, grab a couple of blankets, and perhaps a bottle of wine, and away you go.

2. Have a carpet picnic

If the idea of sitting outdoors in winter turns you cold, why not have a picnic indoors? Get your picnic blanket out, grab your favourite foods and tuck in. If you have a fireplace, you can both cuddle up in front of it, or you could even have a picnic in bed!

3. Visit a winery

We’re lucky here in Australia, with more than 60 wine regions spread across every state, there’s bound to be a winery or two nearby. Most wineries offer winemaking tours and of course wine tasting!

4. Go ice skating

Did you know there are 22 ice rinks in Australia? At least 1 in every state. If like me, you’re not much of a skater, being on the ice can give you a great excuse to hang onto your partner. Plus, it gets the adrenalin flowing and induces plenty of laughter, both of which are good for strengthening your relationship.

5. The $15 present test

This one’s a favourite. Head to your local Big W, Kmart or Target armed with $15. You both have 15 minutes to buy each other a gift. It can be anything—fun and frivolous, or practical—the only thing off limits is a gift card.

6. Home spa date night

Turn your home into a spa. Light a scented candle, play some soft romantic music and grab the warmed coconut oil. A massage at your home spa is a great way for the two of you to connect. Giving a sensual massage is simple (read our how-to article if you need some pointers) and very rewarding. Grab one of our hampers and one thing may just lead to another! Make sure that you have two home spa nights so that you each have a turn!

What's your favourite winter date? Let us know in the comments.

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