7 Sexiest songs to get you in the mood.

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Music is powerful. Just a few bars of a familiar refrain can bring memories flooding back from your school days. Alternatively, it’s been proven to inspire athletes to push themselves during workouts, relieve stress, and it can even be used to get you in the mood. Add music in the background to your love-making sessions and it can go from gentle and loving to down-right dirty! Creating the perfect ‘let’s get laid’ playlist is easy with apps like Spotify. Gone are the days where you had to sit by the radio for hours waiting for your favourite songs to come on the radio and then hit record on the play button. Don’t have time to source the sexiest songs. We’ve done it for you? Have we missed any of your favourites? Let us know.

Our hit picks for the sexiest songs to get you in the mood.

Christina Aguilera - Dirrty (Official Music Video) ft. Redman

From her album Stripped, Aguilera told Billboard magazine that Dirrty was still her favourite music video ever. It has been described as more of a 'Battle Cry', rather than about sexuality. It came at a time where she was trying to shake her Disney image and emerge as her own artist. Nevertheless, it's a great song to turn up the head when you feel like getting a little Dirrty.

Credit: Vevo/youtube

NIN Nails- Closer

Warning: Explicit language! This provocative song is controversial and if you're averse to bad language probably not one to listen to when the kids are around. It's steamy, it's filthy and it's great to strip, dance or bang too. The artsy video features a pigs head, so maybe just listen to the music rather than watch the video.


Berlin Sex.I’m a….

The driving synthesized beat is a throwback to 1982 and the sultry sounds of Terri Nunn culminate with an orgasm, has been described as sex-positive synth. The extended mix is interspersed with gasps and will quite possibly have you reaching for your vibrator. It's the perfect song for a sexy playlist with 8.08 minutes of lovemaking music.

 Credit: Youtube/Scaryscooby

Ginuwine  Pony

If you're a Magic Mike fan this music is instantly going to conjure up images of the very hot Channing Tatum. If you can keep your clothes on while listening to this music you're winning. It's also now the most popular song to strip too..

Credit: Youtube/GenuwineVevo

R Kelly Bump and Grind 

Stripping it back with some RnB, with some B n' Grind is perfect for when you're taking it slowly. R Kelly has made the news lately for all the wrong reasons, but despite the media headlines, this song always appears on the top lists for sexy playlists.

 Credit: Youtube/RKellyTV

John Legend Love You Now

A catchy pop song from John Legend is all about living and loving to the fullest and living in the moment.

Credit: Youtube/John Legend

Ariana Grande Into You

It's sexy, it's sultry and it sends a message about wanting to take your relationship to that next level. If we rewound time back to the days of mixed tapes, this would totally be on our list.

Credit: Youtube/Ariana Grande

Now you have your sexy playlist sorted, you need a hamper4two to set the mood and you're set for a night of unabandoned love-making. You know the type, where you're staying in bed all weekend, only to get out of bed to open the door for the UberEats delivery guy. Enjoy and indulge your senses.

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