8 ways to spice up your sex life

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It’s so easy to get stuck in a sexual rut when you and your partner have been together for a long time. If your lovemaking seems more like a chore than a pleasure, you could benefit from putting a little planning and effort into your romantic encounters. Following on from last week’s blog on rekindling the passion in your relationship, this week the Hampers 4 Two team have come up with some ideas for spicing up your sex life.

1. Have sex at a different time of day

Try it one morning or mid-afternoon.

2. Make love somewhere other than your bedroom

The kitchen? The guest room? The lounge room? Sometimes all you need is a slight change of location to get the excitement flowing. Or, start making out in one room, then take it to your bedroom when things ramp up.

3. Try a new position

It could be great, or it may not work out that well.  Either way, you and your partner will have fun experiencing something new together.

4. Change the tempo of your lovemaking

If your lovemaking is usually slow and deliberate, pick up the pace—a quickie after work, or a hot and heavy, clothes ripping session. If things usually move along quickly, slow the pace and savour every touch and movement.

5. Spice up your language

If you don’t feel comfortable with dirty talk, you can take baby steps. Even slightly more risqué communication about sex can boost your interest and give your partner a real thrill. 

6. Explore something you think will help you feel sexy, but have never tried

For example, I’m intrigued by the idea of wearing a sexy masquerade style mask. I’ve got a black lace one shoved in my underwear drawer, but never worn it. Perhaps you’d like to try a corset, or really sexy heels or crotchless undies! It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it makes you feel sexy.

7. Play a sexy game

Either an intimate game for couples like Monogamy or just a sexy version of a regular game like strip poker.

8. Introduce some adult toys

Experience something new. Vibrating bullets and cock rings can add a new dimension to your lovemaking.

Try something new—grab yourself one of our intimate hampers and put some zing back into the bedroom!

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