Create some adults-only Christmas traditions

Sexy couple Christmas ideas

Share some Christmas cheer with your partner. Create some new adults-only Christmas traditions that will help you set the tone and entice your partner from that kiss under the mistletoe straight into the bedroom

Deck the halls... in the nude

If you and your partner have decided to give Christmas decorating a miss this year, stop thinking of it as a chore and turn it into sexy fun. Get your kit off to deck the halls. Pop on some sexy holiday tunes and see where things take you.

Swap naughty stocking fillers

If stocking fillers bring to mind socks and soap, then we have a novel idea for you. Ditch the boring for something fun—just make sure you open these gifts in private! We suggest some sex position cards or sexy IOU cards. Or better yet, get our More Than 50 Shades or For(e) Play hamper and wrap each gift up individually. With scented candles, adult toys and sexy scratch cards there’s everything you need.

Film your own Christmas movie

Get all glammed up in your sexiest Christmas outfit—I’m thinking red lacy lingerie, but it’s completely up to you—and let the camera roll. You can re-enact your favourite Christmas movie, book or play; or write your own story! It's a secret gift just for the two of you, so don't worry about how you look—just have fun with it!

Tick everything off your wish list

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Well, whichever it is, it’s time to make that list and check it twice! Actually, you and your partner both need to make a list—but no perfume or technology on this one. You each write down your deepest fantasies on an oh-so-nice naughty list; then make those fantasies a reality. Get creative, maybe you fancy a skinny dip or a quickie somewhere you shouldn’t! Whatever you decide, you’re bound to have a ball (ahem) ticking off your naughty list!

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