Christmas Gift Ideas for someone who already has everything else

Christmas shopping for the hard to buy for.

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Finding the perfect Christmas gift ideas for someone who already has everything else can be torture. So with being on the slippery end of the slope, heading towards Christmas at an alarming rate of knots, the Hampers4two crew have put together a list of gift hamper ideas that you can order now and stash away for Christmas.

It can be difficult to buy for people these days when everything they need is available online. So the key to buying the perfect Christmas Gift is to purchase something they wouldn’t typically buy for themselves. And for this - our Hampers4two gift hampers are perfect. Gift cards and cash show no effort and chocolates? Well, that just shows no imagination and is an easy out. You want your gift recipient to know there’s been a lot of thought go into purchasing their gift, so why not browse our gift hamper range.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples
Many of our hampers are designed for two. One price, one gift...two people crossed off your list. It’s that easy!

Most of our gift hampers for couples are a little risque. Probably not the type of couple hamper you want to gift your mum and dad, but they’re perfect couples about to get married, couples who’ve just been married and best friends who you know could put the va va voom back in their love life. One of our most popular hampers is the For(e) Play Gift Hamper. It comes with the board game Monogamy, destined to lead to a red hot evening of loving. And so it’s not completely awkward, there’s a bottle of champagne to help loosen up.

Christmas Gift Ideas for boyfriends
We haven’t forgotten the blokes. There’s the Pamper Hamper for him which comes with a great range of goodies for the man in your life (or the lady who likes black pinstripe ties, hipflasks and booze!). Alternatively, you can purchase a Masquerade Gift Hamper and treat him to a Christmas Eve, he’ll never forget.

Christmas Gift Ideas for best friends
Okay, ladies, we all have the one friend we tell everything too. A person you can never stop being friends with because they know all your secrets. If your female best friend is single and there’s no sign of a significant other, the Flying Solo Gift Hamper is ideal. It comes with some beautiful Natio products, a mini vibrator which will give her a little more than just the giggles and a blindfold, which she can use as a sleep mask until she finds someone for a little light BDSM.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

Our most popular gift hamper for Dads is the Pamper For HIm Gift Hamper. Hip Flask: James Butler ‘Little Addictions’ 1oz hip flask, super lightweight and durable. Includes a cup and funnel, plus a care tips card., plus a couple of 50ml tipples to keep him happy. Sorry, international shoppers, this one is only available in Australia.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Mum and Nana

Stay tuned as we also have some Pamper Hampers coming that will make suitable gifts for Mum, Nana, and anyone a little more conservative. They’ll be available before Christmas. Follow us on socials to stay up to date.

Start your Christmas shopping today.

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