Could more sex be the secret to avoiding early menopause?

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Delay the onset of menopause. More sex could be the key.

One-third of women worldwide between the ages of 18 and 59 reportedly lose interest in sex. Startling new research published by the Royal Society of Open Science states that if you’re having sex at least once a month, there’s less chance of you entering early menopause.  

Almost 3,000 females with an average age of 45 years old took part in the study which first got underway in 1996. The findings discredited previous studies which believed early menopause was associated with being married and cultural was major contributors to when women start the ‘change of life’

The researchers believed that sex may send signals to the body that there’s a possibility of getting pregnant, so therefore it keeps menopause at bay. Lead researcher and Ph.D. student, Megan Arnot explained, “If you’re not going to reproduce, there’s no point ovulation. You’re better off using that energy elsewhere.”

Study participants reported on the frequency and type of sex over the 10-year period the participants were monitored. 45% of the females had experienced menopause by the age of 52.

Those who were having regular sex on a weekly basis were found to be 28% less likely to experience menopause symptoms than those who were only having sex once every four weeks. And when they said sex, this also included oral sex, masturbation, and heavy petting.

The study also ruled out that hormone levels, BMI, cultural background or the age when a first got her period play a part in when menopause starts

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