COVID-19 Boosts the Sales on Sex Toys


Sex toy sales are on the rise and it’s thanks to coronavirus. With clubbing off-limits, pubs shut and who wants to risk hooking up with randoms who may be harbouring COVID-19?

Couples (and those in seek of some sexual relief) are turning to sex toys. There’s only so much Netflix and chilling you can do before you get bored of watching TV. With most shops closed, jigsaw puzzles pretty much sold out unless you want to fork out $319 for an 18,000 piece and board games boring if there are only two people in your isolation bubble, there’s more time for sex.

Wired UK magazine recently reported Swedish online adult store Lelo has seen a sharp rise in their sex toy sales, condom shelves are being stripped bare, while at Hampers4two we are seeing unprecedented demand for sexy hampers.

These challenging times are exceptionally stressful, and there’s nothing quite like stress to relieve that. According to Psychology Today, the body releases endorphins and other mood-elevating hormones which is an effective stress reliever. And in a world where we are navigating uncharted waters, the body sure can benefit from these feel-good hormones. 

If you’ve never delved into the world of sex toys before, it can be a little daunting knowing what to buy. Adult stores have overcome their stigma of being places where only dirty old men wearing trench coats come as technology evolves and they become a way of enriching your self-life. However, it can be a little intimidating knowing what kind of vibrator to buy or which cock ring is the best. That’s why we suggest you start out with one of our sexy hampers for two. It’s a lot more classy than having plain paper packages tied up with string arrive on your doorstep.

Our Hampers 4 two have more than just sex toys. Depending on the hamper there are scented candles and damask rose spray to spritz the room, setting the right mood. There are snacks for when you get the after-sex munchies. There are adult board games to help you get the party started if you are shy. And if you’re half of a couple separated by border closures, there’s our ever-popular Flying Solo hamper which is perfect for treating yourself to a relaxing facial and then unabandoned pleasure-seeking.

Handy hint: If the kids at home, try having sex in the laundry with the washing machine going. It’s all the rage for isolation.


Whether you are purchasing a hamper or use the links to shop at Lelo, you’re sure to find something to suit your mood.

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