Exhibitionism: Does the thought of being watched turn you on?


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Last week on the Hampers 4 Two blog, we took a look at voyeurism and made a few suggestions on safe and fun ways to enact your voyeuristic fantasies. This week we look at the flip side of voyeurism—exhibitionism. Rather than the person watching, as an exhibitionist, you’re one of the people being watched.

The most important thing to remember when acting on any exhibitionist fantasy is that the person or persons you expose yourself to know what you are going to do and give their consent. Flashing an unsuspecting stranger will land you in jail!

Exhibitionist fantasies include having sex in a public place, being watched by a stranger as you undress or shower as well as stripper fantasies. There are clubs where you can go to indulge in these fantasies, but an easier and less confronting way is to role play with your partner.

Follow these simple steps for the ultimate striptease success:


Don't just wing it. Try it alone first in front of a mirror so you can see how you look.

Don’t wear too much

If you have a character or costume in mind, go for it. Or go for something simple with sexy underwear of course, like black lacy bra and panties, maybe with suspender garters and add a feather boa (see our masquerade hamper)

Pick the right music

Something with a slow tempo that will help you move teasingly, sensually

Dim the lights

Light some scented candles, or use indirect lighting from a table lamp or two. Don't keep the overhead lights on full glare, though.

Restrain your partner

Some say you should actually tie your partner to a chair. But failing that, sit him down and tell him you're about to give him a show. He's not allowed to touch you until you're all done!

Take it slow

Start off just dancing to the music. Let the anticipation build a little. Unbutton your blouse s-l-o-w-l-y, making eye contact. Then your skirt. Let your clothes slip down your body. Take your bra off by sliding one finger under the shoulder straps and slowly push each off, one at a time.

Touch yourself

Wherever you want your man's eyes to go, touch yourself there. Panties come last. This is usually the big finish, so make it dramatic. Pull your panties down just a hint, teasing, playing with the edges, but then pull them back up.

Most importantly, tease and revel in the power you have over your partner.

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