Fantasies: Voyeurism


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It is absolutely essential you have the consent of your partner (or partners) before indulging in your sexual fantasies, and voyeurism is no exception. It should go without saying, if you prowl around your neighbourhood peeping through people’s windows, you are going to get arrested!

What is voyeurism?

Voyeurism is the act of getting sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity. Voyeuristic fantasies are completely normal and can easily be incorporated into a loving relationship in a number of ways.

Use a mirror

Mirrors are a great way to indulge in voyeurism, after all, the couple you are watching is you! You don’t need to go all out and have a mirror on the ceiling, either you can simply put a large mirror next to your bed. This way you can get the mirror really close if you like. When you make love to your partner while watching the mirror, you’ll feel like you’re being watched by another couple and get to watch them at the same time.


You and your partner can pretend you are strangers. Be as imaginative as you like. You could ask your partner to undress in the next room while you peep at them through a keyhole or from another room or a crack in the window. As long as the idea excites you and your partner, try it. If it makes one of you uncomfortable, try something else.

Go to a strip club together

If there’s a strip club nearby, go there together and watch a live show or get a lap dance. Or get your partner to put on a show for you. You can even add some props, have a look at our masquerade hamper, it has everything you need to put on a sexy show.

Visit a nudist resort

Nudist resorts or sex vacations are a great place to meet like minded couples who enjoy the same activities as you do. If your partner likes the idea, book yourselves in to a resort where there are no compulsions to strip down and see if you like what you experience.

Film yourselves

If watching someone gives you a rush, film yourselves making love. You may want to add some toys into the mix to really spice it up a little. And the best thing is you can watch yourselves over and again!


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