How to give a sensual massage

Sensual massage

Touch plays an essential role in relationships. It boosts intimacy and feels so darn nice! If you’re not sure how to give a massage, don’t worry as we’ve put together this little how-to guide to get you started. Once you’ve learned the basics you can experiment and explore as you go.

Set the scene

Have your oil and accessories close at hand so that once you get started you don’t have to stop and look for them. Put on some soft, romantic music and light a scented candle to set the scene. Oh, and make sure your hands are warm, rub them together so that you don’t put cold hands on your partners’ back!

How to give the massage
  1. Begin with a gentle touch. The aim of a sensual massage is to arouse. Long light strokes along the body are ideal. The lighter your touch the better. You could even begin the massage with a feather tickler, gently teasing your lover with its touch.

  2. Pour a little warmed oil into your hands, we recommend organic virgin coconut oil, the natural smell is heavenly and it’s edible. Stand or kneel beside your partner (personally I like to straddle them) then stroke up their back and sweep down the sides. Use slow, long movements and gradually increase pressure. Don’t press too hard, this should be pleasurable, not painful!

  3. With your thumb and forefingers, gently knead the muscles around the shoulders. The movement is just like kneading dough, squeeze the muscle between your thumb and fingers in a flowing motion with one hand then the other. Follow the shape of the muscle and pay attention to your partner’s responses.

  4. Move to their arms and do the same thing. Begin with long sweeping movements then gently knead the muscles down the arm, repeat on the other side. Then move to the legs and do the same. And don’t forget the hands and feet. You can use the same kneading stroke here.

Feel free to kiss, tickle and lick as you go. A massage is about feel-good fun. Do what feels right to you and your partner—and enjoy!

PHOTO Nick Webb

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