How-to guide: Have the shower sex of your fantasies

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Hollywood movies conditioned us with images of shower sex being steamy hot and sexy AF. But the reality is often far-flung from the effortless feats carried out in Fifty Shades Darker.

Generally, someone gets all the hot water, the other person freezes, someone gets a tap faucet jammed into their back and as for being slippery when wet? Water is not a great lubricant. Indeed, the shower sex of your fantasies usually remains better in your imagination—until now! Read on to find out how to make your shower sex the type of sex you only see in movies.

Keep grounded!

Forget the scenes where legs are amorously entwined like two loved-up pythons around your lover’s waist. Stability is key here! Feet firmly planted on the tiles will make sure you are grounded. There’s less chance of sliding down a wet shower wall or falling—both of which can lead to catastrophic and embarrassing sex stories and possibly a trip to the emergency department.

Size does matter

If there’s barely room to swing a cat in your shower, perhaps visit a hotel for the weekend. Choose something a little bit nicer than normal, and check to make sure they have luxury showers. Rainshower heads are particularly good for a widespread flow of water ensuring neither of you is likely to be left in the cold. Some hotels even have double shower heads. And even fancier hotels may have shower seats where you can try out different positions.

Hold on for a wild ride

Don’t grip on to your partner during shower sex, brace yourself against a wall or hold on to the rail that holds the showerhead (if your shower has one). The trouble with clinging to your lover is, if he or she slips, you’re both going down for the count. If you want to sex-proof your home shower, maybe install a disability rail for hanging on.

Get soapy

Having your body soaped from head to toe can be an exhilarating experience. Think of it a little like foreplay as your partner’s hands lather you with bubbles. Don’t use soap for penetration. Keep the foamy bubbles well away from your eyes, nose, mouth and privates.

Use lube

Water is not lubricant! You’ll need oodles of it too because the flow of warm water will rinse it away. Author of The Complete A to Z for your V, Alyssa Deck told that it’s better to choose water-based lube rather than silicone or oil-based. Silicone or oil lubes don’t dissolve in water and may result in infections or cause you to go for a skate.

Think of shower play as the prequel to the main event

Shower sex doesn’t necessarily require penetration. Focus on keeping it frothy and fun—the curtain raiser before turning off the water and heading to the bedroom to finish what you’ve started (or like the support band at a concert) It’s during this time when you can surprise your lover with an intimate gift hamper from Hampers4two


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