How to initiate sex

Are you in the mood to initiate sex?

 “Oiii, you awake?” or an elbow in the ribs during the ungodly hours of the morning with a “roll over it’s time,” is probably not the best way to initiate sex. Global Sexpert, Tracey Cox and best-selling author of Superflirt, Hot Sex: How to do it and 100 Hot Sex Positions, tells the Daily Mail that there’s a sharp desire dive for women who’ve been with their partners between 1-4 years that doesn’t happen to men, but ladies, according to Cox, “Initiating sex can be a libido booster.”

So what’s the best way to initiate sex? Here are some more inventive ways you can approach your partner to let them know you’re in the mood to get nude.

“Hi, my name’s….I don’t believe we’ve met before! My partner’s out of town.” Organise to meet your spouse at a restaurant or bar and pretend you’re meeting for the first time. Sexologist, Michelle Hope say role-playing is about having fun. It’s a game. “Fantasy is such a vital element in healthy sexual relationships; don't get so distracted by the reality that you forget how to have fun,” she tells Thrillist, a leading lifestyle digital magazine.

Read erotica aloud  
Don’t underestimate the power of the written word. If you are having difficulty expressing your inner sexual desires, reading aloud or acting out a saucy chapter could be just the ticket to initiating sex. Forget 50 Shades of Grey, emerging author Penny Dee’s motorcycle club romances will get your motor purring. Turn the ignition full throttle with Kings of Mayhem for a risqué read that will most certainly get you in the mood.

Send a saucy photo
An unexpected sexy SnapChat or photo via SMS during the working day to let your partner know you’ve got them on your mind and is an easy way to let them know you’re up for a little afternoon romp.

If you’re uncomfortable snapping your cleavage or taking a dreamy photo of you lying in bed licking your lips, try sexting. San Francisco Sex Therapist and Relationship Coach, Danielle Harel, PhD believes sexting can help long-term couples ignite a flame.

Turn up the sizzle factor in the bedroom
Purchase a romantic hamper from Hampers4Two. Whether it’s the subtle seduction hamper or the Masquerade hamper, you’ll have all the goodies you need for a sensual night. Vibrating goodies, cock rings and feather ticklers are just a few of the items you’ll find, depending on the hamper you purchase. Some of the romantic hampers even have scented candles with intoxicating aromas, guaranteed to set the mood for an erotic romp.

Put on a striptease
If you’re confident in your own skin, a striptease can drive your partner crazy with lust, or at least get you laughing if you’re a little more awkward and uncoordinated. Change the bedroom lightbulb to red, not only will it hide your imperfections, according to a 2008 study published by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology the colour red makes men feel more amorous toward women. It’s also a way of boldly saying if you want sex, and anyone would be mad to turn you down after you sensual discard your feather boa.

Use sex tech

Would you believe there’s now a button that can tell your partner when you're horny? It’s still in the prototype stages, but LoveSync is technology designed to let your partner know you’re in the mood for sex. it consists of two buttons—one for you, one for your other half. The founders behind the idea believe it gives you a setting where you can indicate that you’re up for it without feeling rejected, guilty or wondering if your spouse is lying await wishing you’d make a move.
Co-Founder of the LoveSync button, Ryan Cmich told Hampers4Two “We are now moving forward with tooling up and bringing the LoveSync Buttons to market. Our target for this is currently to start shipping product in July 2019.”

 Video credits: Ryan Cmich and Funded Today.

What are you waiting for? Stop reading this…purchase your hamper and start initiating sex with your partner today.

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