How to use your Levere Vibrating Bullet

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Level up your vibrator use

Perhaps you’ve been using a vibrator for a while but want to know how to take your enjoyment to the next level. You’ve come to the right place. We’ve collated a list of the 5 best techniques and tips for vibrator use from across the internet. So before you take out your Levere 3-speed bullet which comes as part of our Subtle Seduction, Rendezvous 4 Two, Pamper and Pleasure, For(e) Play and Flying Solo Gift Hampers, take a read.

The Levere mini vibrating bullet is a great vibrator to start out with if you are a beginner. Not only because it’s a simple push of a button and away you blow, type of vibrator, but it’s discreet, quiet (necessary if you have a room mate or kids) and perfect for clitoral stimulation. Sex expert Sammi Cole told Cosmpolitian magazine, bullet vibrators are a sex toy staple, whether you’re new to toys or a pro. They’re a fast and efficient way to get your rocks off. But if you want to enhance your orgasm you can try these tips.

Explore your body
Whether a partner is using your bullet on you, or you’re flying solo, don’t start by heading straight for the genital area. Trail the bullet across nipples, down the navel and the labia. Bullets can also be trailed across the head of your partner’s penis, down the shaft and on the base of the balls for a range of different sensations. Word of warning: bullet vibrators are not designed for anal play. They can be easily lost (and that’s not the sort of accident you really want to be explaining at the emergency department).

Find a buzz buddy
Discover the excitement of mutual masturbation. It can be a huge turn on to be watched or watch someone else vibrate themselves to the point of orgasm. Have a no touching each other rule. Take turns watching or make it a challenge, first one to come has to do a sexy dare.

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Heighten your senses

If you’ve purchased our Flying Solo Gift hamper or More Than 50 Shades Gift Hamper, you will have a Pipedream Satin blindfold. When blindfolded, your other senses become more acute and you’ll be more aware of each clit-tingling wave of pleasure that washes over your body.

Flattened Doggy
Flip on to your stomach and place your bullet vibrator under you, there’s nothing left to do but lie there and enjoy the sensation. If you have a partner you can invite them to take you from behind or provide a sensual massage.

Edging involves masturbating until you feel like you might come, then stopping for a short period,try this several times and you may find the keeping bringing yourself to the brink, the more explosive the orgasm.

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