How to use your subtle seduction gift hamper

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How to use your subtle seduction gift hamper

So you’ve been gifted one of our subtle seduction gift lucky thing! As one of our top hampers, it’s loaded with goodies for the ultimate in romantic evenings. Whether you’re on a honeymoon or trying to get your relationship back on track, the subtle art of seduction is made easier with our best-selling gift hamper.

Each item has been thoughtfully selected to add to your night of indulgence and designed to get your motor purring.

Inside our subtle seduction gift hamper you will find:

  • 750ml Chandon Brut
  • Earthbound scented candle
  • 200g JC’s Original Delicious Healthy Mix
  • Lovehoney feather tickler
  • 150ml organic virgin coconut oil
  • Karma Sutra Lovers' Body Paint
  • Leréve mini vibrating bullet
  • Calexotics silicone fluttering enhancer

Once you’ve explored what’s inside the Subtle Seduction gift hamper, we’ve got a few suggestions on how to make the most out of it.

If you have children, perhaps send them to your parents for the evening or book a babysitter while you spend the night at a luxurious hotel. According to experts, hotel sex is much better any other sex. Aside from not caring if you keep the people next door awake all night with your screams of ecstasy, (because you’re never likely to bump into them again), when you’re outside the home, you are away from your usual routine. There’s no thinking you should be vacuuming or folding the Mt Everest sized pile of laundry. You’re free from the daily grind.

First step is to light the scented candle. The Honeysuckle fragrance has a sweet aroma designed to melt away mental and physical stress. If you’re in a hotel room, be sure to keep it away from any smoke detectors, and anything that can catch alight. The only thing that should be on fire is your loins.

Next pop the bubbly. One of the most popular choices when it comes to Australian wines, Chardon Brut is described as cheerful, fun and fizzy. If you were a wine connoisseur you would describe it as slightly acidic with undertones of grapefruit and Lemon Gelati, with a crisp tastes and a smooth finish. The wine will help lower your inhibitions. Fill two glasses and toast to a sexy night to remember.

With the bubbles caressing your tongue and the scent of honeysuckle working it’s magic you should start to feel relaxed.

Start out with a slow sensual massage for your partner using organic virgin coconut oil. Work your way down from the shoulders towards the lower back and the buttocks. Just be wary that Coconut Oil can disturb the natural pH of your vagina, so while it is safe to be used internally, it might not be the wisest idea if you are prone to infections. It’s also not a great idea to use it with latex condoms as it can cause them to degrade.

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This is where you can throw the feather tickler into the mix as well, dragging it sensually over your partner's body and driving them to distraction with what’s to come.

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The Karma Sutra body paint can be a good way to take things to the next level. Take turns painting each others bodies and licking it off. By this stage you should be feeling hornier than a cane toad. If you’ve already reached the ‘can’t keep the hands off each other stage’, skip the body paint and just eat it with a spoon post-orgasm to quell the sex munchies.

When it comes to erections, cock rings help a man to get harder and stay hard for longer. They also intensify his orgasm. Throw in a vibrating attachment and the extra clitoral stimulation can intensify your orgasm too. The fluttering enhancer is perfect for beginners. Because they’re stretchy, they’re comfortable and easy to fit.

Use lube or coconut oil and slide the cock ring to the base of the penis before it is fully erect. Slide it along the shaft to the base. It will feel tighter as your man becomes hard.

We recommend wearing a cock ring no longer than 20 minutes and let your man go limp before trying to remove it.

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We;ve included a bullet vibrator because if you’ve never used one before, it’s the best way to start out for beginners. They’re simple to use, switch them on, hold it where it feels good and wait for an earth shattering orgasm.

Last, but not least, when you’ve come again and again and are physically spent, this is where you can eat the chocolate body paint if it’s not already consumed, and snack on JC’s Original Healthy Mix to build up your energy reserves.

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