I’m not depressed, it’s just my Vagina!

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Is your vagina depressed?

As if females didn’t have enough to worry about! According to studies, our vaginas can get depressed. Not even kidding! And the way to make them happy again is not a shopping spree or a diamond ring, but good old fashioned sex. Fine for those of you in relationships or access to friends with benefits but for those embracing singledom, it’s time to kickstart your sexual relationship with yourself. If ever you needed an excuse to pamper yourself with a Flying Solo gift hamper, this is it!.

What happens to a depressed vagina?
An unhappy vagina starts to waste away, just like anything that doesn’t get used. The medical lingo for this is called Vagina Atrophy. It can cause some not so nice symptoms that may even leave you feeling itchy or burning and may even be mistaken for having Thrush. Think of it like a limb that’s broken. If you don’t use it for ages, it becomes weak and fragile. The good news, with some self-love or rampant love-making sessions that send you skyrocketing to orgasms, you can reduce the annoying symptoms.

Orgasms boost blood flow and increase the oxygen supply to the vagina, which helps to stop the vagina from thinning, shrivelling up or becoming irritated.

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What are the signs of a depressed vagina?
Depending on how severe the condition is, you may experience a variety of symptoms. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of a depressed vagina include:

  • General dryness
  • Burning
  • Discharge
  • Itching
  • Busting to pee
  • Bladder infections/UTIs
  • Leakage
  • Light bleeding after sex
  • Painful sex
  • Dryness during sex

However these symptoms can be also caused by sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or underlying issues, so we recommend a visit to your GP than assume your vagina is ready to shrivel up and die.

Are you at risk?

If you have never had a baby, are a smoker, never have sex, or think of pleasuring yourself as not something nice girls do, then you are at risk for having a depressed fou fou (Okay, yeah when you’re little mum’s don’t always use the anatomical names for body parts). When your oestrogen levels decrease (that’s the hormone that regulates that time of the month and controls ovulation), things might get a little bit of whack on the inside.

What can you do if you don’t have a partner?
A little self-love is good for the soul. Not only does it allow you to discover what you like or dislike in the bedroom, but it can also be relaxing, help you sleep better at night and best of all, it helps with having a happy vagina.

Just like you often buy a depressed friend a gift in the hope of cheering them up, why not spoil your ladies parts with a sexy hamper? If you are single but rarely get to mingle, our Flying Solo gift hamper will give you an evening of self-pleasure.

If you have a partner, but the spark has been snuffed out, a subtle seduction hamper might be just the ticket to get things back on track.

Vaginal lubricants can be used to make sex more enjoyable. If after masturbating and some room rocking orgasms don’t abate the symptom, ask about over the counter estrogenic creams or tablets. But don’t be surprised if your doctor prescribes a vibrator.

This blog is not intended to be used in lieu of medical advice from your local GP. If you experience any of the above symptoms please contact your doctor to rule out any underlying issues.

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