How to celebrate International Masturbation Day


Did you know that May 28 is International Masturbation Day? In past times, Masturbation was considered to be taboo and in some societies forbidden and a waste of fertility. Old wives' tales predicted that those who indulged in ‘flicking the bean’ or taking the bald-headed bishop to church would suffer horrid atrocities such as blindness, hairiness, penis shrinkage, mental illness, just to name a few.

Even in today’s modern society, it’s not something we openly talk about between our friends. It’s not part of everyday conversation. For example; “Hey, what did you get up to last night?”. How many of you would openly admit to chalking one up to the wank bank?

International Masturbation Day should be celebrated. It’s healthy, natural and it’s also safe, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. So how should one make the most of this global ‘touching yourself day?’

We’ve compiled a list of things you can to do celebrate international Masturbation Day:

1) Purchase a Flying Solo gift hamper.
It’s effectively like giving yourself a pamper session in your home with a happy ending. The Flying Solo hamper comes with some beautiful Natio product for an indulgent facial. Once you’ve finished, turn up the music with a pre-made playlist of Spotify’s sexiest songs, use the satin sash to blindfold yourself! When deprived of one of your senses, your other senses like touch become more intense. Make sure your new Lavere Bullet is within reach before you start. It also pays to make sure you won’t be disturbed.


2) Experiment with different ‘safe’ objects
If you’re a seasoned pro, fingers and the vibrator can get a bit routine. Try using ice from the freezer and trailing it over your body. Frozen vegetables can also do the trick, but be careful not to insert anything too far. Try explaining what you were doing to emergency doctors

3) Read an erotic novel or literotica
There are hundreds of saucy books to choose from that will get your motor purring. Whether you prefer rich tycoon businessman who indulge in BDSM or the raw, rough and ready sex that comes with reading Motorcycle Club romance (highly recommend: Penny Dee’s Kings of Mayhem).

4) Listen to audio erotica
Google gives you access to a wide variety of audio files. Whether you want to listen to sexy stories of husbands who surprise their wives by fulfilling their ultimate fantasies or recorded mp3 files of men jacking off and groaning, there’s something for everyone.

5) Write your own erotica
Start writing! Think of all the words you can think to describe the way you feel as you slide your hand down between your legs or recall the horniest night of your life and describe it in multi-colour detail. You’ll be surprised at how words can get you in the mood!

6) Treat yourself to a bath and a massive orgasm
With the cooler weather here ( if you’re in the southern hemisphere), there’s nothing like a long, relaxing, bubble bath to explode in. Turn up the music and grab yourself a glass of wine, let your fingers do the talking.

7) Buy a new sex toy
Go for something you normally wouldn’t try. If you’ve never experimented with butt plugs or bigger, larger dildos, it may be the perfect time to think outside the box.

8) Film yourself masturbating
Set your phone up on record and video yourself writhing in pleasure. Watching it on playback will get you hot and bothered, or if you have a partner….send it to them!

9) Masturbate in front of your partner
It can be a touchy subject to broach that you want someone to watch while you orgasm, but it can be a huge turn-on for your partner to be able to watch but not touch. If you have trouble broaching the subject, perhaps you can purchase a hamper4two to help you with foreplay.

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