Is Coronavirus sexually transmitted?

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We’re all covering our mouths and sneezing into our elbows (at least, we mostly all are), but is Coronavirus sexually transmitted? (Please God, let it be a firm no on that one!)

Every day researchers are learning more about the Coronavirus epidemic which has Australian’s canceling travel plans and brawling over toilet paper in the aisles of Woolworths. In fact, some women in Sydney ended up in a fight on public transport because of one cough! Seriously people! Calm your farms! There are more important things to worry about like is Coronavirus transmitted via sex? 

Unfortunately, there’s no significant research on this one yet!
Shouldn’t these be the first thing they investigate? However, if you have sex with someone who has Coronavirus, the chances you’re going to get it is extremely high! It’s highly contagious (yes, they’ve managed to work that out so far! Congratulations!). It’s been reported in ‘The Cut’ that LA’s erotic gatherings (that made us LOL out loud...fancy name for orgies) are now canceling their elite sex clubs events like their annual masquerade and all-female play parties. Even Tom Hanks and his wife Rita are reportedly at Gold Coast University Hospital having been diagnosed with the pesky virus that simply won’t seem to F%%! off. Proof celebrities aren’t immune. Anyone else feels like they are living in the middle of a Hollywood Blockbuster?

So far, here’s what we know: The virus is spread through the viral droplets, so if you’re planning to snog on or play tonsil hockey with an infected person, you’re likely to get it. If you are so close you can smell a person had garlic prawns for lunch, you’re also at risk. Experts suggest staying at least six feet apart (just like the movie about the girl with cystic fibrosis). There are controversial reports on how long the virus can live on surfaces, some suggesting a few hours, others - weeks.

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