Isodating in 2020


It’s September and spring is officially here! The weather is starting to warm up and if you are in the blossoming stages of a relationship you’ll be dying to get out there and enjoy the sunshine. However, this Spring you’re going to need to reimagine your dating life. COVID-19 has changed the way we do things around here. We can’t change it, but let’s have a look at some isodating ideas you can do during spring (unless you’re in Victoria. Sorry Melburnians! Maybe purchase a flying solo hamper for your out-of-your-5km-radius romance buddy).

We’ve been cooped up inside for far too long, the outdoors is calling and it’s time to get outside and soak up some Vitamin Sea and D. Whether you’re meeting up for a first socially distant date or hanging out with a good friend, keep reading for some spring ideas to rev up your romance outside.

Take a walk in the botanical gardens

There are some beautiful parks and botanical gardens throughout Australia and if you are meeting for the first time, it’s a good choice for a first date. It’s the perfect opportunity to talk and walk without any other distractions. Pull up a piece of grass and lay back watching the clouds drift by or find a park bench and chat. When you don’t have the distractions of a movie or eating, you’ll be surprised about the things you learn about each other. Don’t forget to stay socially distanced and take some hand sanitiser with you. Try to pick a time where the park won’t be too busy.

BBQ at home

If you’re at the third or fourth date stage, a backyard BBQ offers a little more intimacy than a park. Invite another couple, keeping the number of people in your home to meet the government restrictions. Get everyone to bring their favourite recipe to throw on the grill and have plenty of hand sanitizer and face masks available.

Picnic at the Beach

With the warmer weather, people are flocking to the beach, however, if you have the option an earlier morning meet up, like a breakfast picnic, will see you avoid the crowds. Bring a big picnic rug and pack a hamper of freshly baked croissants, fruit with champagne or orange juice and watch the sunrise.

Sky gazing

The clear skies make it the perfect opportunity to lay back and watch the world go by. During the day, you can find a hike up to a picturesque lookout. At night, hit the beach or a lookout in time for sunset and watch the stars appear. It’s your opportunity to point out constellations and wish upon shooting stars. It may even be the perfect chance to get a smooch in.

Hire tandem bikes, scooters or Segways

Hiring a tandem bike, if you can find a rental place that hires them by the hour, can be so much fun. Opt to let your date take the driver’s seat. It provides you with a good opportunity to check out their butt without looking like too much of a perve. Alternatively, many cities have scooters available for hire. Take some antiseptic wipes so you can give the handlebars a quick wipe over, you can explore the CBD side-by-side or zip along a boardwalk. 

Explore Farmer’s Markets or Car Boot Markets

In most states of Australia, farmer’s markets are operating with a COVID safety plan, which means there are plenty of hand sanitisation stations and keep your social distance. Taste test samples, people watch, grab a coffee or organic veggies so you can cook lunch together.

Rediscover camping

If you want to stay away from hotels where there might be overseas travellers in quarantine, there’s nothing like getting back to nature in its raw form and go camping. This date might require some planning in advance, and it may pay to go with some friends if you don’t know each other that well yet (who wants to be alone in the bush with a potential serial killer?) But if you’re in a relationship, and things have been waning on the sexy front, this could be the ideal time to reconnect where there are no technology distractions. Pre-order a sexy hamper for two for entertainment after the sunsets. 

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