Kissing games for couples

Couple kissing

This week at Hampers 4 Two we want to celebrate the art of kissing with a little gameplay. So grab your partner, apply some lip balm and pucker up!

The rating game

If kissing has taken a bit of a backseat in your love life, now is the time to get reacquainted with your partner’s kissing preferences. To play the rating game you will need a blindfold (available in our More Than 50 Shades hamper). Quietly approach your blindfolded partner and kiss them somewhere unexpected. Ask them to rate how they liked it on a scale of 10. This way you get to re-learn where your partner’s special spots are. Don’t forget to swap roles, so you both have a turn.

Movie magic

Try recreating your favourite kissing scene from the movies. Whether it’s hot and steamy like the fridge scene in 9½ Weeks or sweetly romantic like the fire escape kiss in Pretty Woman, is entirely up to you. The object of the game is to act out the scene and your partner has to guess it. Then swap. Give your partner some notice so you can both plan what you are going to do beforehand.

Nobody move

Nobody move is the perfect foreplay game—you should both be naked for this one. One of you lies on the bed while the other begins kissing them at their feet and slowly makes their way up. If your partner squirms or makes any movement, you swap roles. The winner in nobody move is the person who stays still the longest.

Hot word

Hot word is the game you can play anytime, anywhere. Come up with your secret hot word and every time you hear it, find your partner and kiss passionately—wherever you are! This game is great for bonding and plenty of laughs. We recommend using a word or phrase you hear often like thanks or how are you going?

Chocolate kisses

Got a sweet tooth? Take some chocolate into your mouth and pass it to your partner while kissing. As it melts the flavour adds some sweetness to your sweet moment. For the slightly more adventurous, get out the chocolate body paint (available in our Subtle Seduction and For(e) Play hampers) and lick it off each other!

Do you and your partner have a favourite kissing game? Or would you rather not kiss and tell?

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