How to make pleasing yourself more pleasurable

The art of pleasing yourself

Masturbation is often seen as a taboo topic, especially for women but it has many benefits: it’s good for your health, can improve sleep and is good for your sex life. It also feels amazing!

If you struggle to orgasm or are just looking for some ideas to spice up your solo sex sessions then read on.

Find your G-spot

Most of us are familiar with the clitoris, but do you know where your G-spot is? Located on the upper wall of the vagina, about 5-7 cm inside the vaginal opening, your g-spot swells up when you’re aroused, and stimulating it can help you orgasm faster.

Keep your legs together during orgasm

Bringing your legs together as you approach climax will increase clitoral stimulation and make your orgasm more pleasurable. Don’t do it too early though, wait until you are almost there when the added stimulation will push you over the edge.

Set the mood

Just because you are on your own, there’s no excuse not to set the mood. Simple stimuli like a sexy image or steamy story can help you get in the mood and prime your mind—and body—for pleasure. Try our flying solo gift box, it’s got everything you need for mind-blowing solo sex.

Find a sex toy you love

Sex toys are as diverse, so try out a variety of them to discover which you enjoy most. Once you know the type you respond best to, it can be your go-to toy to bring about your bliss quickly and easily.

Try using toys in water

Masturbating in water can instantly relax your body and mind, and there’s no shortage of sex toys that are perfect for water play. You can experiment with the water temperature in the bath or shower for extra pleasure. Focus on how your clitoris responds to the sensations of cool and warm water in quick succession, as the contrast may bring you to the brink faster.

Change your positions

Just as sex in the same position can get boring, so can masturbation. New positions lead to new angles and new, often more pleasurable, sensations as your body is awakened by the thrill of anticipation and the unknown. Try squatting, lying on your stomach, standing, or putting one leg up on the side of the tub or bed for variation.

Do what feels good

A few masturbation tips are really helpful, but at the end of the day, what feels good is unique to you. Try not to get caught up in what others do. The ultimate goal of masturbation is to please yourself, so relax and have fun.


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