New marketing opportunity for hotel chains

It’s common knowledge that couples are more likely to have sex when staying in a hotel as opposed to staying at home. Whether it’s the fact there’s less day-to-day chores or the scientific theory of ‘self-expansion’ subscribed to by relationship expert, Amy Muise who has studied the relationship dynamics of those couples who have more fulfilling sex life and linked it to being on holiday and trying new activities, there’s no debating that hotel rooms are where couples get a lot more adventurous than between the sheets at home.

HotelTonight conducted a global survey with 2200 participants. 72% of Mexicans were more adventurous when they were at a hotel, whereas more Brits admitted to having sex at hotels because they didn’t have to clean up. Gross right? But it demonstrates how popular hotel sex is.

Yet, hotel chains worldwide are missing out on a great marketing opportunity given how many people head to a hotel for holidays and adventurous sex. What if hotels were to offer adult gift hampers delivered to your hotel room, or waiting for you on arrival? What if hotels were to offer a room service menu where instead of selecting food items at exorbitant prices you could also order a sensual gift hampers were hand-selected quality gifts for a night of pure indulgence?

Gift hampers are not the sort of carry-on luggage one takes when headed away for a hot weekend of sex at a hotel, but if they were to appear on a room service menu, a late-night hotel delivery could be just the ticket to a romantic adult evening in.

Having stayed at numerous hotels worldwide, the only hotel that has stocked anything similar was Rydges in Brisbane. Their adult menu included a feather tickler and condoms. Many hotel chains seem in fear of offending their guests, but there is untapped potential for your hotel chain to be distinctive. The convenience of being able to order direct from the hotel will provide an extra added dimension sure to thrill guests who are spontaneous and looking for something a little extra to make their hotel stay unforgettable.

It’s ideal for couples who are a little shyer about their intimate lives and less likely to visit an adult store to purchase a vibrator or cockring. It’s easier to ring up room service and order a subtle seduction hamper than it is to find a seedy adult shop and then buy the products individually.

Hampers 4 Two Gift Hampers could also be an optional extra for honeymooners as a gift from the hotel. And for those who are on the road and missing their partners, there’s the flying solo gift hamper.

All hampers use only the finest products. Don’t miss out on a fantastic marketing opportunity and a chance for your hotel chain to be distinctive.

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