New survey destroys the beliefs we’ve always had about sex

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 Shocker! Men don't think about sex every 7 seconds and other sex myths you should know about.

You won’t believe the sex myths that apparently just aren’t true! recently published findings of their latest survey after polling 2,000 brits and Irish. Honestly, some of the latest myths debunked have been like finding out that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny aren’t real.

The survey revealed that most women don’t know where their G-spot is and approximately only 22% of women out of the ones polled knew where to find it and how to make it rock their world.

80% of women reckoned the g-spot was a big bunch of baloney and that it doesn’t even exist.

And the biggest surprise of all that men do not think about sex every 7 seconds. If that’s the case what are they thinking about? Nothing? What’s for dinner? We thought sex was all they thought about! It’s thrown quite the curveball that 65% are actually thinking about their footy team! If this isn’t a sign enough that you need to purchase a whole truckload of hampers, we don’t know what is!

Guys, if you’re reading this, we have some amazing news for you. It doesn’t matter if you're not built like a heat-seeking missile. This survey discovered size does not matter to women!

If you’re thinking of ordering an entree of oysters to get your partner in the mood, save your pennies. Only 12% of men found it made them horny! If we can’t rely on oysters as an aphrodisiac there’s just one thing for it! Sexy lingerie and a sexy seduction hamper! Ply your lover with alcohol and get your feather tickler out.

Another belief the survey is pooh-poohing is the idea that sex before a big sports match will ruin their game and performance. You may have heard the old excuse

“Not, tonight dear, I have a footy game tomorrow!” Rest assured, this has little to no effect on his performance on the field. It could just be a feeble excuse because according to the survey, these days it’s women want sex more. Perhaps we’ve been wrong all along and it’s the females who are thinking about it every 7 seconds?

And literally the worst news ever? If you convince yourself the Big Mac is okay because you’re having lots of sex and it’s the equivalent to a 5km run. It’s not. It doesn’t burn as many calories as you think! So perhaps you might want to have your partner chase you around to burn those extra calories.

As the biggest sex beliefs we have believed in are being blown up before our very eyes, and our partners are choosing thinking about kicking goals rather than scoring a home run in the bedroom, it’s time to take the initiative. Ladies, grab yourself a beautiful hamper and rediscover the romance you’ve been craving.




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