Pamper for him gift hamper rockets to our best selling hamper

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Pamper for him gift hampers is the latest must-have item for the guy who is hard to buy for and what’s not to love about the newest member of our gift hamper family. It’s quickly been embraced by our purchasers, making it one of the best-selling hampers yet. 

Any blokey bloke will appreciate the Pamper for him gift hamper (Sorry, international shoppers if you’re not based in Australia, because it contains alcohol, this one’s not for you. However be sure to check out our hampers designed for international shipping). So let’s break it down and see what’s so great about the Pamper for him gift hamper.

Each gift is hand selected for the man in your life for its sophistication and quality.
The Pamper for him gift hamper includes a classic black tie with pinstripes. This is a score for the businessman, but any blokey bloke who’s lives in rural Australia where dressing up is considered wearing his bonds singlet may wonder what he’s ever going to do with a tie. Well, we’re glad you asked! Aside from dressing up for Sunday dinner or a visit to the local pub, ties are good for blind folding your lovely lady before you do very erotic things to her body. A tie can also double as a sleep blindfold and be used as a light restraint for your partner’s wrists during foreplay. You also might want to show up on the doorstep wearing a black pinstripe tie and nothing else. In case you are a businessman, we’ve included a very tasteful tie clip.

When you’re a hardworking bloke, it can often be difficult to wash away the grime of the day from your hands and face, so the hemp oil face and body soap is great for skin that’s been exposed to the outdoor elements. It’s completely organic so there’s no harmful ingredients and it smells masculine with a natural nut-scented fragrance from hemp oil.

After a hard day, there’s nothing like a little tipple to relax, for this reason we’ve included two 50ml bottles of quality liquor, as well as the very cool hip flask which comes with a funnel for easy transferring from the bottle to your flask, and a cup (in case you want to share it with your partner). Speaking of partners, the rum and Drambuie are helpful for casting aside any inhibitions in the bedroom, so could be a good precursor to introducing your classic black tie as a restraint or blindfold.

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In the Pamper for him gift hamper, there is also an Eco Bamboo Toothbrush, ideal for the guy who travels away from home for work (he’ll have his favourite tipple to keep him company and smell great too) and there’s some SPF 50+ Sunscreen, which always comes in handy when you’re on the road.

Pamper for him gift hamper includes products one wouldn’t normally buy for themselves, but are definitely enjoyable when gifted.

Shipping only available within Australia. Please note: This gift hamper is only available to those 18+ years and to residential Australian addresses only.


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