Seductive scents to spice up your love life

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One of our favourite scents is the epitome of seductiveness is damask rose. You’ll find it included as a mist spray in some of our beautiful hampers. The rich and sexy scent was originally developed in Syria, but these days you’re more likely to find that it’s generally grown in Morocco, also in Bulgaria’s Valley of Roses and Turkey. It’s one of the most expensive essential oils on the market due to the fact it takes approximately 4 tonnes of rose petals which only works out to be about a kilo of oil. The rose petals are selected at first light and the oil extraction needs to take place within 24 hours. To put this into perspective for you, just a couple of milliliters of the oil will set you back $65 Australian, which means our pamper hampers are great value.

Benefits of Damask Rose

Due to its highly fragrant perfume, damask rose water was often used at weddings to ensure a happy marriage as well as during meditation and prayer due to its calming effects.

What you may not realise is inhaling the scent also has powerful effects. A study carried out in Iran found burn patients who breathed in 5 drops of damask rose oil diffused in water experienced a reduction in pain (source). It is also said to be mood-enhancing, warding off depression and anxiety (source). As the queen of essential oils, damask rose is alluring, seductive and certainly sets the mood with a few spritzes around the house

It has also been touted as having a hypnotic effect and prolong sleep.(source), and shown to be beneficial for brain activity amongst those with dementia. Our house must spray is not designed to be inhaled up your nose or consumed, but with a spray on your bed linen, pillowcases and around the room, you may experience the beneficial effects.

Need a few extra naughty Christmas ideas for your Christmas hamper?

Japanese Honeysuckle

In our For(e) Plat hamper, we have included a Japanese Honeysuckle scented candle to enhance the atmosphere. The New York Times described Honeysuckle as the sweet scent of trouble. It is the most potent in dimming light. (Translation: turn the lights down, it’s time for trouble

According to wellness aromas, the heady honeysuckle scent conjures up happy memories and can help calm the mind, great if you are feeling a little anxious about being vulnerable in the bedroom and disclosing your sexual fantasies.

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