Get set for sensational summer sex

sex on the beach


As the weather heats up its time to dial up the sizzle in your bedroom. You and your partner deserve some together time so spice it up with our tips for sensation summer sex.

Cool down together in the shower

Australia is the driest continent on earth so we all should do our bit to save water. What better excuse is there to take a shower or a bath with your loved one? Soap each other up and explore each other’s bodies. Showering with your lover is incredibly intimate and brings you closer together. Not only that, it’s great fun too!

Sneaky skinny dip

Go skinny dipping together. There’s something quite liberating about ditching your swimming costume and going for a dip. It’s just a little bit naughty and a whole lot of fun! Jump in your pool or find a secluded river, lake or beach.

Slow sexy sessions

It’s hot so take it slow. Fast, frantic sex will have you breaking into a sweat in minutes. So take this chance to really slow things down and focus on a more gradual build of passion.

Add some bubbles

As the nights heat up, cool yourselves down with some chilled sparkling wine. A bottle of bubbly will certainly add another dimension to your bedroom antics. The bubbles create an amazing sensation you’ll love. Take a sip and kiss your partner—the effervescence will give a lovely tingling sensation to their skin.

Lube it up

Nothing evokes that summer feeling more than the scent of coconut oil. It makes for a wonderful natural lubricant and the aroma will have you dreaming of coconut palms and golden beaches.

At Hampers 4 Two we’ve got a whole catalogue of sexy accessories to help you make this summer super sexy! Grab our Subtle Seduction hamper—it includes a bottle of bubbly and some coconut oil—or get our Pamper and Pleasure gift box for that bath for two.

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