Sex games you can play without burning down your house

If you can believe everything you read online, an elderly couple’s sex game was hotter than expected when they accidentally burnt their Oklahoma home to the ground after using an ancient flamethrower.

World news reported the emergency operator thought it was a prank when the 96-year old male called to report he’d mistakenly set fire to the house while having sex with his wife.

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According to the article Mr Foggerty told the 911 operator he was penetrating his wife with his M1 (a firearm! What the hell?), as usual, but got too excited and activated the flamethrower.

The couple were taken to a local hospital for treatment, but aside from shock, they were otherwise unhurt.

There are safer ways to rekindle the flame through safer sex games. Splash out and invest a subtle seduction hamper from Hampers for two. This gives you everything you need for a night of romance where the only thing burning will be your loins.

Sex games you can play without burning down your house.

Guess the food
Prepare a platter of freshly cut fruits, chocolate and seductive food. Blindfold your partner using the Pipedream body sash and feed them, making them guess what each piece of food is. When one sense is taken away from you, it amplifies your remaining senses.

Paint each other’s body
Using Karma Sutra Chocolate Body Paint, use the brush to paint shapes, patterns or private parts and lick, suck and nibble your way into a chocolatey world of fantasy! And if you’re single? What the hell, grab a tablespoon. It tastes delectable either way.

Sweet Tickle torture
Binding your partner's hands using a satin sash, take a feather tickler to trail your way across your lover’s body. It will drive them to distraction and have them begging for your touch.

Have you ever?
A fun game for couples who are starting to get to know each other. Open the bottle of Chardon Brut that comes in your subtle seduction hamper and start by taking turns to ask questions. “Have you ever had a threesome? Have you ever been caught having sex in a public place?” If you answer yes, it’s time to take a guzzle

Naked Twister
You can turn any old board game into the name version. Naked twister is a firm favourite, guaranteed to get you into some unusual positions.

Strip Poker
No need for anything too expensive here, just a simple pack of card and well, to know the rules of strip poker which are fairly simple. You lose a hand, you also lose a piece of clothing.

Hotter than hell truth or dare
This is a chance for you to ask those questions you’ve always wanted or a fun way to reveal your fantasies. “I dare you to give me a lap dance for five minutes!” Things will escalate fairly quickly from there.

It’s a sexy app! It’s like tinder for couples. You and your partner both download the app and link with each other! There are hundreds of kinky ideas that you can like, dislike, say maybe and if you both agree....throw your phones aside and get busy! You may discover your partner likes things you never imagined. The best thing is it’s free!

 And sometimes all sex games require are a little imagination. For example; let’s same your a damsel in distress and I’m a tow truck driver.

No matter what avenue of foreplay you choose, it’s a lot safer than activating a flamethrower. Now purchase a hamper for two to get you started and get sexing.


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