Sex toys are not just for perverts! They're healthy for you

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Sex toys are for more than simply pleasure! Who knew they even have sexual health benefits? Pleasuring yourself was always frowned upon with old wives tales created to scare you off from becoming addictive. For example; masturbate too much and you’ll go blind. Masturbation was never really talked about much during the earlier years and it certainly wasn’t something that women should do. Research into sexual health is finally dispelling those myths of growing hairy palms and blindness. Sex toys are actually great for your health and wellness and you may be amazed by the difference it can make not only to your sex life but many different conditions.

Vaginal atrophy
Thanks to menopause, one of the symptoms you may experience is vaginal atrophy. It’s a lot like muscle atrophy. If you don’t use it, it wastes away. Hormonal changes can be attributed to thinner and drier vaginal walls causing it to shrivel up like a flower that never gets watered.
Regular using a vibrator can provide relief from menopausal symptoms, particularly those that are tipped to reach the g-spot. Internal vibrators increase blood flow, not to mention that a screaming orgasm before bed is sure to help you sleep better. Researchers even discovered those women suffering from menopause-related insomnia slept better. You’ll find Levere Bullet vibrators in most of our hampers including the Flying Solo hamper for the girl who doesn’t have a partner to induce screaming orgasms.

Erectile Dysfunction
Is your partner having trouble getting a hard-on or maintaining one long enough to keep you satisfied? It can be an embarrassing situation for a man when things in the penile department go a little haywire. The mind might be willing but the fleshy pendulum is weak. A cock ring might be just the thing to get him aroused and to help him stay harder for longer.
We include a fluttering cock ring in our subtle seduction hamper. You don’t even have to tell your man it’s for his sexual health and wellbeing. Simply purchase a hamper4two and introduce it as some bedroom hijinks.

Enlarged prostate gland

The first telltale signs that something may be wrong is if your urine flow or you may experience pain in the groin. It’s best to get this checked out by a general practitioner. Sometimes milking the prostate or prostate massaging my help relieve the problem. You can also purchase prostate massagers, combines with a cock ring, they can provide powerful orgasms! Society’s homophobia tends to lump any male that wants to experiment with anal play as queer, however, plenty of straight men enjoy a prostate massage which can result in whole-body orgasms. And it’s healthy for you!!

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Choosing a hamper is a fun and easy way to introduce sex toys to the bedroom. Explore our range today.

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