Sexy Movies to Get You In The Mood


Finding sexy movies to get you in the mood is easier with Hampers for Two’s movie guide. With Christmas holidays just around the corner, you’ll have plenty of time to Netflix and chill or source some sexy movies online. So what are the sauciest movies worth watching, take a look at our movie guide, save them to your watchlist, order one of our romance hampers and when it arrives, you’ll be ready for a saucy weekend. And even though most of us are sick of being stuck indoors, it seems like Australia’s weather patterns are leaving us with little choice.

A Perfect Ending (2012) MA15+
If you love bad telemovies, you will find A Perfect Ending strangely compelling. After confessing an unusual secret, a repressed wife is promoted by her friends to explore her sexuality with a high-priced call girl. If you’ve ever wanted to dabble in same-sex sex romp, this movie for dropping subtle hints and planting seeds.
Perfect hamper to complement this movie: Flying solo!
Where you’ll find it: Netflix

365 Days (2020) R18+
A fairly predictable storyline, but if you’re honest, that’s not why you’re watching it is it? It tells the story of a man who falls victim to a mafia boss. She is imprisoned and decides she will be impervious to his charms and sexual prowess, and gives her one year to fall in love with him. Let’s just say some of the scenes in this movie look exceptionally realistic. There doesn’t appear to be any Hollywood magic here.
Perfect hamper to complement this movie: More than 50 Shades
Where you’ll find it: Netflix

Newness (2017) MA15+
Martin and Gabi, a millennial couple living in Los Angeles hook up after meeting on a dating app. Instead of a hook up they fall madly in love and shack up together. It’s not long before they get bored. If only they’d known about Hampers for two. Instead they decide to embark on an open relationship. A great movie if you want to plant seeds about leaving your options open.
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Where you’ll find it: Netflix

Two Moon Junction (1988) R
An erotic thriller this was the movie your mother didn’t want you to watch.  Southern girl April graduates college and returns to her family home for an arranged marriage approved by her father. At a local fair she meets the kind of her parents would highly disapprove of. With undeniable passion and sizzling sex scenes, you’ll want to find your very own ‘Carnie’.
Perfect hamper to complement this movie: Pamper and Pleasure Gift Hamper
Where you'll find it: SBS On-Demand

Nine and a Half Weeks (1986) R
If you’re a child of the 80s, you’ll know the only reason anyone ever watched this movie was for the kitchen scene. It’s the erotic story of Elizabeth played by Kim Bassinger who has an affair with a man she knows nothing about, except he likes to indulge in Sex Games. For it’s time this was one of the most sexually explicit movies to screen at the cinema.
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Where you can watch it: Amazon Prime

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Magic Mike (2012)
Don’t watch this movie for the storyline. If you’re home alone or don’t have a partner, this is one movie that will float your boat. While it’s not overly sexually explicit, the buff bodies of Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello is enough to get your rocks off.
Perfect hamper to complement this movie: Flying Solo Gift Hamper
Where to watch it: Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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