The best gift ideas for couples

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What should you buy for the couple that have everything?

Choosing a gift for a couple that’s been living together or married for a long time can be difficult. What do you get for the couple that has everything? Do you choose a practical gift or something a little indulgent? Are chocolates too boring and show lack of thought or should you shop to match a gift to their personality?

One of the most popular occasions where you’ll be expected to buy for a couple is their wedding. In days gone by, purchasing gifts for newlyweds was an easier task. It was likely they’d never lived together before and actually needed the affordable items like sheets and pillowcases, and toasters. The only problem with this is before the invention of bridal registries, the happy couple would usually end up with four or more toasters. These days, couples tend to live together prior to marriage and already have everything they need to set up house. They may dictate that instead of gifts, cash would be appreciated or to donate to their honeymoon fund, but if you’ve known the couple for years and want to get them something a little more personable, why not try giving them a hamper for two? It’s  something they’re likely to never forget and in years to come, when they’re old, grey and toothless, they’ll remember their wedding and say things like; “Hey do you remember the time that John Doe bought us that sexy gift hamper?”
We probably wouldn’t advise purchasing a gift hamper full of passion enhancers for someone you barely know, but for lifelong friends, they’re guaranteed to get a good laugh, and even try it out on their honeymoon.

Couple hampers also make a great gift idea for a housewarming party. Who needs another pot plant or a welcome doormat? When you’ve purchased or moved into a new house, a couples hamper is going to make christening every room a lot more fun. There maybe a few gasps of “I can’t believe that’s what you’ve gifted us”, but behind closed doors you can be sure it’s not going its going to provide a few giggles.

Most marriages have their ups and downs, and not all of them are in bed. Any couple who says they don’t have patches where the sex becomes out of duty, not for the fun of it are lying. In fact, older couples who are juggling work, kids and everything else, would generally choose a good night’s sleep over sex. Gifting a hamper full of sexy gifts is a good way to start couples talking about getting their relationship back on track. Think of it this way, it’s not something they’d be likely to purchase for themselves. Therefore, you’re getting the ball rolling and they’ve already got everything they need to get in the mood. After all what do you buy for the couple that are celebrating their silver or diamond wedding anniversary that’s not going to cost you the amount of an Alaskan cruise or get stuck in their house to gather dust?

All of our hampers feature hand-selected gifts of the best quality. Each hamper is different, classy and contains everything required for a night of passion. The hampers make fun gift ideas for hen’s nights, romantic overnight getaways or staycation date nights (those nights where your parents take the kids, but you can’t be bothered leaving the house).

Check out our range of beautiful, sexy hampers for couples today. We even have a flying solo hamper for the friend who’s celebrating a divorce, breakup or constantly complains how there are no good men/women in the world anymore.

If you would like to have your products featured in our special hampers for couples, please feel free to send us an enquiry, stating what your product is and why you think it would make a great addition to our Hampers4two range.

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