Your ‘What Not to Buy’ Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's gift

Valentine’s Day gift-giving can be a minefield. On the day that celebrates your love for one another, the pressure is on to get your partner a thoughtful, meaningful gift. Your idea of the perfect gift, however, may not be the same as your partner’s. Never fear, the team at Hampers 4 Two have come up with a list of gifts to avoid so you can have a happy Valentine’s Day.


Your partner may say they’re not bothered by Valentine’s Day, so don’t get them anything, but our advice is to err on the side of caution. Not marking the day at all could end in calamity. A gift from the heart, like a specially cooked meal or perhaps a day where they don’t have to do any chores around the house, is ideal for someone who says they don’t want anything. Now if your partner hasn’t said not to get them anything, you better had!

Gym membership

Avoid gifts that could get you into hot water! You may think you’ve come up with the perfect idea, especially if the gym you’ve chosen has all the bells and whistles. BUT, your other half may think you’re implying that you’re not happy with their body.

Vacuum cleaner

Never, ever buy your partner a household appliance for Valentine’s Day! The same goes for an iron, washing machine, dryer etc. It doesn’t matter how many functions it has or how great the colour. Nothing says I expect you to do the housework like a vacuum cleaner or similar appliance.

Stuffed animals

No one over the age of 18 should be buying their partner a stuffed animal for Valentine’s Day. No matter how cute it may look, save the teddy bears and soft toys for your children (or your nieces and nephews).

Chocolates or flowers from the local garage

Your partner can tell when you’ve bought a cheap last-minute gift from the service station. If you’re reading this then you have plenty of time to get them something special. Have a browse through our hamper catalogue and buy your loved one a gift the two of you can enjoy together.

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