What not to do this Valentine’s Day—if you want to be around for the next!

Valentine's Day no no's

Just 5 days to go and it will be the day that couples all around the world celebrate their love. Sigh! Every year people seem to be putting more emphasis on Valentine’s Day and with that comes the pressure of not screwing it up. Make sure you avoid these rookie mistakes and the rest should be a piece of cake (or should that be box of heart-shaped chocolates?!)

Don’t talk about the past

I don’t care if your ex-boyfriend rented a horse and carriage and whisked you away for the weekend, or your last girlfriend enacted the Karma Sutra for you—don’t talk about your past with your present Valentine. It’s unforgivable! Reminiscing about a previous relationship can indicate to your present partner you’re not ready to commit or suggest that you’re not over your ex. So unless your past includes your present love then that’s where you should keep your eventful stories—in the past.

Don’t propose

This one’s probably a bit controversial, but there are 364 other days to propose to someone, so pick one. Popping the question to your lover on Valentine’s Day has become so cliché that it no longer seems special. Choose a day that can be celebrated as your day—not a day where everyone in the world is professing their love for each other.

Don’t pretend to (or really!) forget about it

Your partner may like to keep things simple, but it's still a nice to know you're important to someone when it seems like everyone in the entire world is talking about hearts, flowers and grand gestures. A little thoughtfulness goes a long way. And don’t let your lover think you’ve completely forgotten about them just to surprise them later on. This sort of thing has a habit of backfiring.

Don’t just show up at a restaurant 

It’s Valentine’s Day, remember? The day when almost every couple in your neighbourhood will be going out for dinner. Make sure you have a reservation! There’s nothing romantic about running from restaurant to restaurant desperately trying to get a table. If you’ve left it too late to book your favourite restaurant, why not have a romantic dinner for two at home? A little candlelight, your favourite meal and then one thing can lead to another… Grab one of our sizzling hampers to really make it a night to remember! And the best bit is it’s only a short walk from the dinner table to the bedroom. Happy Valentines Day!

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