What's wrong when you'd rather sleep than have sex?

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When you’d rather have a marathon sleep-in, than a weekend romp, there’s a number of reasons this can occur.

1) You’re just really exhausted (C’mon who isn't these days).
2) You’re simply not in the mood [Insert excuse from needing to fold socks to missing an episode of The Masked Singer]
3) You’d rather bang anyone other than your partner. It’s not that you don’t love them.

Of course, you do. It’s simply because they don’t put the spark in your skyrocket anymore. Suddenly, you’re more like flatmates who share the same bed. When this happens, before you resort to crazy shit like signing up for swingers clubs or cheating, there are other avenues you can try.

Don’t give up before you’ve given it your all, because believe it or not, the grass isn’t always greener on the otherwise just ask the three billygoats gruff.

To fix a marriage or relationship where sex is non-existent, you’re going to need to talk about it. Granted, not the most fun thing in the world to do, but starting with honesty and communication is a good way to start the ball rolling. Ask a few key questions that may help where the problem is stemming from:

Are you simply too lazy to put in an effort?
Are your hormones out of whack?
Has there been some sort of infidelity so you’re punishing your partner by withholding sex?
Is there a new baby?
New job?
Are you sick of suggesting it all the time and then getting turned down?

It takes two to tango. You can’t have this conversation with yourself. Be brave, broach it with your partner. You may be surprised and find they are missing the intimate connection too. Acknowledging there is a problem is only part of the answer.

The next part is taking action. How do you counteract mismatched libidos, chronic illness or fluctuating hormones? You may feel comfortable enough to find a sex therapist and talk about your problems.

A sex therapist does not include any private sessions where the counselor gives instructions from the sidelines, “Yeah that’s it Bob, now insert your penis!” However, they can help you come to terms with what’s causing the roadblock to multiple screaming orgasms.

Whatever your course of action, start out slowly. Perhaps purchasing a gift hamper4two can help break the ice. “Look, honey, this arrived in the mail.” It’s a good conversation starter. You can unpack the sexy couple hampers together, and laughing over the contents is a good way to take baby steps forward. The masquerade gift hamper could be used as a surprise.

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Imagine your partner is still at work...apply the false lashes, slip into the fishnet gloves, put on your mask, drop the feather boa around your neck and you’re really to send a tantalising selfie to your beloved while they’re at work.

With the For(e) play gift hamper you can dim the lights, open the bottle of champagne, light a candle and discover what a fluttering enhancer can do to, particularly if you’ve never used one before.

There is a huge variety of gift hampers for two. Check out the range and discover why sex is so much better than sleeping. After all, you can sleep while you’re dead.

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