Why a feather tickler will turn up the sizzle in the bedroom


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Bored in the bedroom? Lots of couples are looking for new ways to spice up their relationship, tease and tantalise their partner to a whole new level during foreplay. But what happens when getting in the mood is becoming a little mundane. There are only so many positions in the karma sutra and after you’ve checked off all the boxes in your sexual moves repertoire, what’s next? Should you set up your own Christian Grey-inspired red room of pain or indulge in a little cosplay?

You can turn up the sizzle in the sack by experimenting with sensory play—a surprise spank, sensual massages, trailing ice cubes along your partner's body (or for the kinkier couples…hot wax. Ouch!). You may be interested in dressing up or swinging, but whatever your tendencies, if you’re new to introducing this type of play to the bedroom, you might not want to go from 0 to 100 in a single bound. Start off a little slower and cut it right back to a sedate level with a feather tickler.
There’s no PhD or experience needed to use a feather tickler. They are a fun compromise between adding a new level of excitement and not sending your partner running for the hills like introducing a surprise flogger. You’ll be surprised at the different sensations a feather tickler can create and how incredible it can feel.

What is a feather tickler?
A feather tickler looks a lot like a duster! It’s a cluster of soft feathers, and well, okay it might as well be a duster…but smaller and a lot less effective on cleaning dust bunnies. It’s used to arouse you’re the nerves in your skin and drive you to the brink of pleasure before the fun even begins.

How to use a feather tickler
The feathers are usually joined at one end with a handle—that’s the end you hold. It’s not rocket science. Slowly trailing the tickler over the erogenous zones of the body, lightly tickling your partner’s skin will leave them twitching, tingling and demanding your touch. Try different strokes from little flicks that barely touch the skin to long strokes with a little more pressure. You’ll delight in driving your lover to an all-new level of pleasure.

If you’ve already experienced the satisfaction a tickler can bring to the bedroom. Introduce a blindfold. When your partner is deprived of one of the body’s senses, it will heighten the others to feel more intense.

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