Why your boyfriend may not be so keen to try out the taboo sex trend gaining popularity.

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Pegging, apparently—mainly thanks to US sitcoms like Broad City and movies such as Deadpool—is becoming the new trend amongst heterosexual couples. If this is your first time hearing the term, you can’t be blamed for assuming it involves clamping clothesline pegs on nips or genitals—but you’d be wrong!

What is pegging?
Pegging (and there’s no dainty way to phrase this) involves the female putting on a strap-on and penetrating the male. It’s not a new trend by any means. In fact, it has been around for centuries, but it’s still considered to be relatively taboo.

The idea of taking control in the bedroom and giving your boyfriend a taste of what it’s like every time he requests to reach “fifth base” can be somewhat appealing to a female. However, don’t be surprised if your partner doesn’t seem so keen to try it out.
Many straight, red-blooded men believe if they were to be pegged and admit to actually enjoying it, it would make them less manly or even gay. And for this reason alone, males all around the globe are missing out on the pleasure that only stimulating the male g-spot.

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Where is the male g-spot?
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know that the male g-spot is only accessible via the anus. It’s about the size of a walnut, but when stimulated can drive your man to a whole new level of previously undiscovered pleasure.

“With pegging, it's what I imagine is closer to the orgasms that women experience. It is prolonged, rather than the 5-second orgasm when you ejaculate. I know a couple of friends who also peg with their partners, and they have said very similar things with regard to the feeling,” one straight, 27-year old male contributor posted in Quora.

What are the benefits for a woman?
One Quora contributor described how pegging made her feel.
“ I feel powerful, and I enjoy running the show. When I penetrate him for the first time there is a look on his face of awe, surprise and complete vulnerability that is so beautiful!”

How to start pegging
There are four things you’ll need before you start pegging. First and most importantly is your partner’s consent. This is probably one sexual act you don’t want to whip out and yell, “Surprise, it’s time to bend over!”

Rebecca Dane of Elite Daily in an article on How to Bring Up the Possibility of Pegging With Your Boyfriend mentioned she started out reading non-fiction erotica stories to plant the seed. Start out slowly, perhaps using the tip of your finger (make sure your nails are short and snag-free) or tongue to get him really excited before suggesting the idea. Maybe you try out a butt plug and then once he knows the type of sensations he can experience, he’ll be more agreeable, especially if you are both ready to experiment with anal play.

You’ll also need a harness, a dildo and a lot of lube.

There are lots of different harness to choose from and different sized dildos, but if you are first timers to pegging, you will want to start out small, slimmer and uncomplicated.

If your boyfriend/husband or friend with benefits is not ready for the world of pegging, perhaps start out a little less risqué with a hamper4two. There are several to choose from and they’re spicy enough to give your love life the va-va-voom it needs without sending your bloke yelling “pegs are only for clotheslines!”


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