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COVID-19 Boosts the Sales on Sex Toys

Sex toy sales are on the rise and it’s thanks to coronavirus. With clubbing off-limits, pubs shut and who wants to risk hooking up with randoms who may be harbouring COVID-19? Couples (and those in seek of some sexual relief) are turning to sex toys. There’s only so much Netflix and chilling you can do before you get bored of watching TV. With most shops closed, jigsaw puzzles pretty much sold out unless you want to fork out $319 for an 18,000 piece and board games boring if there are only two people in your isolation bubble, there’s more time for sex.

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10 ways to keep busy during self-isolation when you’re bored with Netflix

The thrill of endless hours of Netflix because you’re stuck at home in self-isolation is extremely titillating for the first couple of days. Cabin fever doesn’t take long to set in. So we’ve compiled a list of things you can do during self-isolation when the joy of binge-watching has passed its use-by date.

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